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Remote tech support is the fastest way and easiest way to get your computer serviced.
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Our live, local support agents are ready to help you with your computer problems without a bringing in your computer or scheduling an on-site support visit. Best of all, it only costs $19.99 for 15 minutes of expert support and you only pay for time spent with the support agent. Having a problem? Don’t wait to have it fixed, call us now to to determine if a remote support session is the best way to solve your problem!

How It Works:

First, call us and let us know you have a problem.

A live, local support agent will work with you to identify if remote support is needed.

If remote support is best, we’ll schedule a call. Often, support agents field calls immediately.

After assessing the problem, you and your support agent will agree on a solution.

Once you are happy with the repair, pay only for the time spent with your support agent.

Windows Users
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